Lifetime Warranty


Each keepsake and urn is made of 100% glass. We understand that there's always a risk that the keepsake or urn gets damaged or breaks.

Should this happen, we will always replace the keepsake or urn for free. We will only charge you the pick-up and delivery cost. We do this at cost price and we are willing to show you the invoice from our courier.

How does this work?

When you order a keepsake or urn, we always return the remainder of the ashes to you in a special, handmade, lovely little linen bag. If you keep that little bag in a safe place, we can always use that remainder to make a new keepsake or urn.

Should your keepsake or urn be damaged or broken, please inform us on about this. We will contact you, search your original order and arrange a pickup, by our courier, of the ashes. Once your replacement order ready, we will ship it to you by courier.

We want you to have a lifetime memory of your loved one and therefore we give you this lifetime guarantee of replacement in case something happens.